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Top Quarterback Recruit Tweets Controversial Photo

#1 ranked dual threat QB Kyler Murray did something on Wednesday afternoon that sent a chill through every Texas A&M fan. He tweeted this photo.

Nobody saw this coming. Nobody. So many factors come into play now that weren't there before today. 

Until today, everybody thought it would just be either baseball or Texas A&M for Murray. He was supposed to battle Kyle Allen for the starting spot in spring. Chances are he probably still does, I mean it would be an absolute shock for anything else to still happen. This picture harbors possibilities though. Horrors that A&M fans didn't think they even had to worry about, and dreams that Longhorns fans hadn't even fathomed could happen. Could the idea of an easier starting job in Austin be enough to lure in Murray to the Longhorns? Would he really want to break all the Aggies' fans hearts and deal with the backlash from that fanbase that would come with a 180 degree switch on a months long commitment like that? It would be even more tempting if fellow recruit WR DeMarkus Lodge (who went with Murray on his Texas and Texas A&M visits this year) committed to the Horns. A weapon like that on offense along with a defense that is probably much better than A&M can offer is very tempting. Lodge could be a huge factor in this story. If Lodge decides to go back to Aggieland that would probably wrap it up, an offense with Speedy Noil and Lodge to throw to would be very hard to turn down despite the QB competition in Kyle Allen. Any QB that is 43-0 in his high school career you would think would have the confidence that he is better than any other QB out there and that he will win the QB competition regardless so maybe he doesn't really factor that in that much. Murray also knows that Sumlin probably sees a little bit of Johnny Football in him. They are both freak athletes that perfectly fit Sumlin's system. Both guys that can throw a good deep ball or make big plays with their feet when the play or pocket breaks down around them. Strong is gonna come hard after Murray though, he knows he'll have to. Strong has said he wants two good QB recruits out of this recruiting cycle, and with Harbaugh coming down from Michigan threatening to take away his current top QB prospect Zach Gentry (out of New Mexico). The question is this though, if Strong gets Murray and loses Gentry, will he still go after that 2nd QB? Or will he change his plans if he gets his hands on a uber-good QB like Murray? You would think Murray might still have to compete with Jerrod Heard (not as tough as battling with Kyle Allen), but if Strong decides to get his 2nd QB recruit then Murray might still have a tough QB competition. Strong has to handle that carefully, if Murray thinks that Strong is trying to get 2 QB's as he originally wished than would it really be any better than taking the easy route and  sticking with the Aggies on his commitment? So many different angles to go at this. Let me add another twist too.

Baseball, Murray is a top baseball prospect as well, and unlike football, baseball can offer millions in a job right out of high school with a professional baseball contract right out of the MLB Draft. I have heard many different opinions on Murray and where he might fall in the 2015 MLB Draft. The highest projected spot I have heard is actually the #1 overall pick. Could Murray really turn that kind of contract down? I mean football is a much more dangerous sport and is more scary long term because of concussion fears. Also, no cap in baseball means if you reach the top of the sport then you can get a more ludicrous contract than you can in football. If he falls though, where the money doesn't really convince him 100% that professional baseball is the way to go, could an offer of a spot on a program's collegiate baseball team give an edge over another program that doesn't? If the Longhorns knew that the Aggies weren't gonna offer him a spot on the baseball team or vice verse then could that make them offer up a spot in hope of getting a leg up on the other? Would either team risk it? This is a storyline you might wanna keep an eye on while the recruiting season is wrapping up leading to signing day in early February.