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NBA Late Night Review

Bobcats 108 - Knicks 98 

MVP: (CHA) C Al Jefferson: 35 pts, 8 rebs, 2 asts, 1 stl, 1 blk - Unlike Carmelo, he didn't require 22 shots, yet he scored 15 more points...big difference between the MVP and LVP

X-Factor: (CHA) PF Anthony Tolliver: 9 pts 1 reb, 3-3 from 3pt line, came off the bench and proved himself as a big that could stretch out the defense

LVP: (NYK) Carmelo Anthony: *gasp* but he scored 20!!! How can he be the least valuable player??? By scoring 20 off of 22 SHOTS!!! He was 0-4 from the 3pt line and 9-22 overall...his team's +/- with him on the floor was -20 when his team only lost by 10....ugly

Game notes: J.R. Smith was once again benched, Mike Tolbert and DeAngelo Williams of the Carolina Panthers were in the crowd.

Pacers 116 - Kings 92

MVP: (SAC) C DeMarcus Cousins: The MVP of this game was not on the winning team surprisingly, he was just the only one that went off on his whole team while the opposition put up a much better team effort around each other and shot 55% from the field, his only downfall was 4 turnovers, but when your team has to force you the rock because they're all having off nights that is bound to happen, they lost by 24 but take away Boogie and it's likely a 50+ margin whereas take away any player on the Pacers tonight and they still easily come away with the game.

X-Factor: The point guard play of the Pacers from both George Hill and C.J. Watson, they combined for 0 fouls and turnovers on the game while shooting a collective 9-15 from the field and a combined 19 pts, 8 rebs, 6 ast, and 1 stl

LVP: (SAC) SF Rudy Gay: Played 30 minutes while netting only 12 points, no rebounds, 2 asts, 3tls...but that was while also allowing his opposition (Paul George) to put up 31 points...nobody else on the Kings was worse than -15 in +/- while he was -23.....yikes

Game notes: The win clinched the All-Star spot for Coach Frank Vogel

Grizzlies 90 - Thunder 87

MVP: (OKC) SF Kevin Durant: Another case where the star player has no backup playing against a great team effort from the other side, he put up 37 while only two other players on his team could muster up double digit points (R.Jackson 17, S. Ibaka 11). The Thunder outside of KD shot 34% from the field while he shot 53.5%. 

X-Factor: (MEM) PF Ed Davis: In a game where 4 starters of the Grizzlies all logged 34+ minutes, they needed some quality minutes from the bench in a close game to give them a quick breather...none of the bench really came through well though...except for Ed Davis. He went 3-5 with 6 points and 6 rebounds, the only bench player with truly positive minutes off the bench in a game where they were very much needed.

LVP: (OKC) C Kendrick Perkins: In a game where the veteran center needs to come through against savvy bigs like Gasol and Randolph, Perkins had 3 turnovers and 4 fouls in just 17 minutes forcing young center Steven Adams to be thrown to the wolves, unlike Perkins though, Adams actually proved himself serviceable and pulled in 9 rebounds along with 5 points in 21 minutes, but the Thunder's veteran wasn't there for his team in the close game. Case closed. 

Game notes: Despite traveling and warming up with the team Russell Westbrook did not play as he remained on the inactive list recovering from right knee surgery. Kendrick Perkins now has almost as many fouls (105) as points scored this season (117).

Cavaliers 120 - Lakers 118

MVP: (CLE) SF Luol Deng: The newcomer Deng has not taken himself long to get acquainted and is proving productive for his new squad. He has a very efficient 27 points tonight as he was 9-15 from the field, 5-5 from the 3pt line, and 4-4 from the charity stripe. His final line was 27 pts, 5 rebs, 4 asts, and  stl. 

X-Factor: (LAL) Nick Young: Swaggie P had a big night off the bench for the LakeShow, he found a way to get to the FT line tonight and was 10-10 there. He wasn't a bad facilitator either with 6 asts from the SF position. He had  a great stat line to show for his amazing performance; 28 pts, 1 reb, 6 asts, and +16 +/- ratio despite his team losing by 2.

LVP: Robert Sacre: What else other than his -18 ratio in in only 11 minutes along with Varejao's and Thompson's 31 combined rebounds for the Cavs do you need to know? He was bad...really bad.

Game notes: This was Mike Brown's first game back for the Cavaliers against Los Angeles since being fired from the Lakers last season.