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Top 5 D-League Players Who Deserve a Shot in the NBA

The D-League is full of intriguing prospects, some are down there because they still need some polishing and aren't ready yet, or have just been sent down because they proved they weren't ready.. This list isn't for those guys. These are the players who I think are fully ready to take on the big boys and hang in the Association, but haven't gotten their chance yet. 

1. Pierre Jackson - G - 5'10", 180 - Baylor 

I have been monitoring this situation between him and the Pelicans for a while now and I simply cannot understand what the front office in New Orleans is thinking holding this guy down in the D-Leagues while he's averaging over 30 points and 5 assists. Instead of calling this guy up after the Jrue Holiday injury they trade for...Tyshawn Taylor...really? The Pelicans need to trade this guy to some team that will call him up since they think their PG depth is too good for him. Stop disrespecting the man.

2. Troy Daniels - G - 6'4", 200 - VCU 

This guy has been averaging 23 points down in the D-Leagues and yet has not gotten a call up in the regular season yet. Some say Pierre is too small for the NBA as an excuse, that excuse doesn't work on Troy Daniels as his measurables look like your typical SG in the NBA. He also wins! As the leading scorer for his Rio Grande Valley Vipers, he has lead his team to a 19-7 record under his watch. 

3. Willie Reed - F - 6'9", 220 - St. Louis

This guy is averaging 13 points along with 7 rebounds and has 7 double-doubles banging around in the paint in the D-League. He could play the role of a physical SF that snags rebounds and plays good physical D for an NBA team. He just needs his chance. 

4. Gilbert Brown - F - 6'6", 215 - Pittsburgh

This guy who says he wants to emulate his game after his coach James Posey, and he is averaging 12 points in 26 minutes of play. He excels at free throw shooting though where he shoots 88.7% in the D-League. If he can draw enough fouls to pair with his 50% FG shooting, he can put up points when he gets his chance. He also has his streaks where can rack up assists and he plays good defense as well. He is an even better defensive player than offensive player.

5. Romero Osby - F - 6'8", 240 - Mississippi St.

This guy is averaging 16.2 points with 6.9 rebounds in 27.5 minutes. You can't deny this guy's production. He also only gets 3.3 fouls a game staying out of foul trouble while grabbing key boards for his team. He plays with good fluidity and athleticism, can handle the ball in traffic around the basket well and finish off plays. He is a guy that can be plugged into an offense and transition seamlessly into whatever role he is handed.