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Why the Thunder-Heat Game Seemed Very Ironic

All the time, when comparing Kevin Durant and LeBron James, they say LeBron took the easy way out by not putting the team in Cleveland on his back and running off to Miami as compared to Kevin Durant who is the poor pitiful SF who saw his star SG get traded away and has seen his star PG get injured too much lately.

So you would expect a game between the Thunder to be all about how KD put up a valiant effort against the Heat but he just didn't have enough backup to win the game against a stacked Heat squad. It was not like that at all tonight though. LeBron and KD had to switch those roles. LeBron would be the guy to put up 34 and and only have two fellow teammates score in double digits while KD scored 33 but had four of his teammates score in double digits for him in a 112-95 Thunder win. All three guys who showed up big for KD were not your typical high scorers, but defensive stalwarts and role players. Serge Ibaka, Derek Fisher, and Jeremy Lamb are not guys you would expect to all score double digits in the same night, especially against a juggernaut like the Heat. Wade and Bosh only combined for 33 as they were the only double digit scorers behind LeBron. Ray Allen and Norris Cole were underwhelming with only 5 points combined in 54 combined minutes off of the bench. 

If KD could get more support like this more often, his team could prove to be pretty decent with three deep at the PG position when Westbrook gets back. The glaring weakness on the Thunder is their center position. KD and and the rest of the backcourt is really having to make up for the shortcomings that is the frontcourt of the Thunder sans Serge Ibaka. The Thunder also can't count on the Heat shooting 3-19 for 15.8% from behind the arc again either. 

The Heat and Thunder intra-conference rivalry never fails to entertain though. Can't wait for their next matchup on February 20th! Maybe, just maybe the Heat's bench will show up for that game. We shall see!