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The Ridiculous Wide Receiving Class of the 2014 NFL Draft

Earlier today I was looking at Mel Kiper's and Todd McShay's mock drafts on ESPN and noticed that they both had 7 WR's each going in the first round. That is crazy considering 7 have gone in the first round in the last two drafts combined. 

I took a deeper look at this class and noticed just how deep it was compared to years' past. This year's class has three top tier receivers and what I would say is about nine receivers that could be good to great in the NFL. I would say Tavon Austin and Keenan Allen might have been the only receivers I would even consider top tier in last year's draft and even that is a slight stretch for those two. I would say Cordarrelle Patterson is a top tier returner though. I think that Marqise Lee, Sammy Watkins, and Mike Evans could all be top tier receivers in the NFL. Lee and Watkins are very explosive with the ball in their hands and they can really stretch the field while Evans can just win jump ball after jump ball with his skills at timing his jump and great hands along with great body separation from his defender. The other nine I think that could be great in the NFL and if they really break out could possibly crack top tier would be these nine guys: Davante Adams, Kelvin Benjamin, Brandin Cooks, Odell Beckham Jr., Jarvis Landry, Jordan Matthews, Allen Robinson, Bruce Ellington, and Paul Richardson. There are other intriguing prospects that aren't quite as great or have red flags but could still play key niches in offenses: Donte Moncrief, Tevin Reese, Josh Huff, Mike Davis, Shaq Evans, Josh Stewart, Jalen Saunders, and Cody Hoffman. The NFL is already a pass heavy league, but after this class has its chance to make its impact, offenses could be wreaking havoc more than ever. The league is already in the Golden Age of the Quarterback, this class will provide those golden arms with deadly weapons that will make it harder than ever to hold down these high octane offenses. These offense will be able to spread the field more than ever. Teams like the Raiders, Jets, Browns, and Panthers will be replenished along with top tier teams just getting richer (think 49ers or Seahawks who could both possibly grab a top WR in this draft). 

Here is where I think these top WR's will wind up

Sammy Watkins (Clemson) - Raiders

Marqise Lee (USC) - Jets

Mike Evans (Texas A&M) - Rams

Odell Beckham Jr. (LSU) - Eagles 

Kelvin Benjamin (Florida St.) - Chiefs

Davante Adams (Fresno St.) - Browns

Brandin Cooks (Oregon St.) - Panthers

Jarvis Landry (LSU) - 49ers

Allen Robinson (Penn St.) - Seahawks 

Bruce Ellington (South Carolina) - Bills

Paul Richardson (Colorado) - Lions

Donte Moncrief (Ole Miss) - Texans

Tevin Reese (Baylor) - Buccaneers

Josh Huff (Oregon) - Jaguars 

Mike Davis (Texas) - Dolphins

Shaq Evans (UCLA) - Chargers

Josh Stewart (Oklahoma St.) - Vikings

Jalen Saunders (Oklahoma) - Patriots

Cody Hoffman (BYU) - Bengals