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2014 NBA All-Star Contests Preview

Tonight, the 3-Point Contest, the Slam Dunk Contest, and the Skills Challenge will all take place! This is who I think will win each event!

Skills Challenge:

Roster :

Team One East: Giannis Antetokounmpo - Bucks ; DeMar DeRozan - Raptors 

Team Two East: Michael Carter-Williams - 76ers ; Victor Oladipo - Magic 

Team One West: Trey Burke - Jazz ; Damian Lilliard - Trail Blazers 

Team Two West: Goran Dragic - Suns ; Reggie Jackson - Thunder

I see Team One from each conference moving on to the championship in this competition. The Greek Freak and DeRozan are just simply too athletic even in comparison to guys like Carter-Williams and Oladipo. Dragic and Jackson just seem outclassed in the West against the reigning champ and the sharpshooting Burke. In the championship I see the East taking it home but in a very close competition where the times could be within a second of each other. 

Three Point Contest:


Eastern Conference:

Arron Afflalo - Magic ; Bradley Beal - Wizards ; Kyrie Irving - Cavaliers ; Joe Johnson - Nets 

Western Conference: 

Marco Belinelli - Spurs ; Stephen Curry - Warriors ; Damian Lilliard - Trail Blazers ; Kevin Love - Timberwolves

In this competition I see Bradley Beal and Stephen Curry advancing to the championship round where Curry takes the trophy!

Slam-Dunk Contest:


Eastern Conference:

Paul George - Pacers ; Terrence Ross - Raptors ; John Wall - Wizards

Western Conference:

Harrison Barnes - Warriors ; Damian Lilliard - Trail Blazers ; Ben McLemore - Kings

I see the Western Conference coming out of this with the victory. I have seen way too many in-game highlight reels from McLemore and Barnes that were on another level of dunking to not go with the West on this pick. Also, after not winning either of his first two competitions, Lilliard will be hungry for a victory in this one. I see McLemore winning the Dunker of the Night accolade.