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How should we determine the best sports teams of all time?

No matter how many stats I put on my spreadsheets, I always come back to square one...out of all these stats and wins and championships I'm putting down for teams, what is more important? If a team goes undefeated in the regular season against the toughest schedule in the league, but gets a bye week then gets upset by a hot team on a roll that we all know shouldn't have won, should we still consider that team when bringing up the best teams ever? I mean, if your team is plays like it is  invincible in the regular season but falls flat on its face in the playoffs it can't be taken seriously in the best of all-time conversation...right?

Some teams that come to mind that were juggernauts in the regular season but didn't win it all are: MLB: 2001 Mariners, 1969 Orioles, 1954 Indians, 1953 Dodgers, 1931 Athletics, 1906 Cubs    NFL: 2011 Packers, 2007 Patriots, 2004 Steelers, 1998 Vikings                                                    NBA: 2008-09 Cavaliers, 2006-07 Mavericks, 1972-73 Celtics

When you're making a Top 10 list of the best teams in each sport, do a couple of these teams come to mind, or do you keep your list restricted only to teams that could win the big one when it mattered despite that team maybe not having the very best regular season compared to some other teams that were in the playoffs and maybe just ran into bad luck (injuries, really lucky play for the other team in a close game). Obviously I would hope most people would stay open minded and try to find the best balance, depending on what sport maybe you could add playoff wins to regular season wins to see who was best when you factor in both. Football is the sport where you might see the juggernaut get knocked out in a huge upset in the playoffs because it is one game and the winner moves on unlike in best out of 7 series in the NBA and MLB (or best out of 5 in the ALDS/NLDS for baseball). Even in the MLB and NBA, if the Cinderella team can get that Game 1 upset, it can crush the other teams' confidence if the other team is used to dominating. Baseball is the biggest wild card, because if the underdog has a pitcher that has the game of his life, it can flip the whole series upside down in their favor if the favorite was heavily relying on a star ace on locking down that game. In basketball, the underdog may have that knockdown shooter, that if they can keep that game in reach down to the last shot, their shooter can get their shot and maybe pull off the big upset that lifts up the team and then they carry that momentum through the series. So taking all this into account, I once again ask you my main question, how do we go about ranking the best of all-time? Please leave your comments below! I would love to hear your thoughts!