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Collin Klein's Role in the National Football League

In the recent news that Tim Tebow has been released and doesn't look to have a future in the NFL at the moment, where does that leave a similar prospect like Collin Klein that is just now coming into the league and is trying to etch his place in the NFL? Well for starters I think we have to look at Klein's more open mindset, he is open to playing at a position outside of the QB if it means him getting a starting gig on his squad, whereas Tim Tebow is determined to shove his QB only mindset down any GM's throat that will let him do so (which is none so far, hence the reason why he doesn't have a future at the moment, or any GM that did). I think his athletic ability and his mindset that he'll do whatever it takes to get anywhere on the field is what will set him apart from Tebow until Timmy changes his ways. Klein's athleticism makes him more of a poor man's Tim Tebow if Tebow played H-Back or TE, but that is enough, because most teams have admitted to wanting Tebow on their squad if he would settle in the H-Back/TE role and Klein's reputation will get him a chance to prove himself and I hope he does his best with it.