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5 Hardest Teams to Predict in 2014 NFL Draft

Every draft all 32 teams look at their needs and then at that year's draft board and determine what plan of action they should take. Which 5 teams are the hardest to grade though....when you do your mock draft which teams do you get to and wonder which way to go because that team is such a wild card.

Well based on history and current needs I'm going to give you which teams I think might surprise you the most come Draft Day. 

1) Houston Texans

It is pretty much a 50/50 scenario where nobody can predict what the Texans are going to do. Are they going to go after their glaring need at QB even though some experts out there are worried about a QB in this class stepping up and being that guy...that franchise QB that the Texans or any team needs for that matter. Some say that would be foolish when they can pair a once in a generation freak athlete like Jadeveon Clowney next to an All-Pro stud like Watt and watch the bodies pile up in the backfield. This is a very tough decision for the Texans' front office. Most teams might see this as an easy choice and go with Clowney, but the Texans' new coach Bill O'Brien is known for being good at developing QB's and they might like to see what they can do if he gets a hold of Bortles/Manziel/Bridgewater. 

2) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This team could snatch up a QB if he falls to #7 which is very likely, but some are mocking other positions there mostly because they believe the organization will give Glennon a chance to prove himself as their franchise QB much like they gave Freeman a chance. This is also why they think the Buccaneers might take a QB, the Freeman flop might have made them more weary about choosing to settle down with one QB unless they're sure it's their guy. Another reason they're unpredictable is because of the top tier WR's in this draft and how they could intrigue a team like this with a need at the position. Evans, Lee, and even Beckham could intrigue them here. If Watkins fell this far it's almost a no-brainer what the Buccaneers should do, but he'll fall before the 7th pick is on the clock. They also could take a pass rusher at the second level like Mack or Barr making it three positions they could target. 

3) Arizona Cardinals 

This team with Palmer at the helm is good, but not great. The Cardinals could be looking to the future and take a QB if one of the big 3 fall to their slot at 20. Anthony Barr might also intrigue them if he falls here as they have a big need at OLB. I say their most likely picks are this: Bridgewater, Barr, Clinton-Dix, Pryor, Shazier. The Cardinals may also pick Darqueze Dennard if he slides here. While on the surface picking Dennard doesn't seem right after signing Cromartie to line up opposite of Peterson, it was only a 1 year deal so this another possibility. The Cardinals tend to pick the best player on their board regardless of need so Dennard to Arizona could happen if he fell that far. 

4) Tennessee Titans

With Locker's struggles, the Titans could be looking at QB, but they have also considered trading back if their CB and QB they desire both get picked before they are on the clock at 11. With Chris Johnson gone trading back could make sense to pick Hyde or Carey for late in the first round. If they believe that Michael "The Blindside" Oher isn't the answer at OT then they could pick there at 11 as well. Lewan, Robinson, or Matthews probably won't all fall that far, but one of them will. Watch this team. Who knows what they could do.

5) Dallas Cowboys

Anytime Jerry Jones is at the helm expect the unexpected. He tends to trade up for guys he falls in love with. What if Clowney or...dare I say it...Johnny Manziel intrigue him enough to trade up for them? He also tends to pick skill positions if the value is strong enough at his slot. If Mike Evans falls to 16 he could consider it. Most Cowboys fans would probably like to see a safety or defensive lineman taken at 16, but Jerry World is a roller coaster come draft day, and every Cowboys fan better hold on.